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Information About The Street Repair in Downtown Cabo San Lucas

Information About The Street Repair in Downtown Cabo San Lucas


If you have walked the streets of the Cabo San Lucas center recently, you have noticed that most of streets in the heart of Cabo downtown are under construction.  What are the works about, and how long it will take to repair the streets?  Our Property Manager Adriana Salinas shares some insider information, which I hope you will find useful.

With the aim to improve the vision and architecture of the city center, making it more attractive for tourists and locals, the municipality of Cabo San Lucas has decided to do some extensive works on three main streets in Cabo center; Miguel Hidalgo, Emiliano Zapata and Francisco I. Madero.

In the works are re-pavement of streets, by changing the asphalt with hydraulic concrete, and reparation of sidewalks.  Besides re-pavementation of the streets, they will also change the streetlights, street name signs, they will be adding vegetation and improve the signs for pedestrians.

The works begun on January 28 and planned time of repairs is 90 days.  While these works are being done, the signs around the construction sights are indicating alternate routes and pedestrian paths.  During this time of construction we ask you to be patient and drive carefully around Cabo downtown.  You can expect traffic jams at peak hours, for example at 9 am, so plan your travel time to meetings and work accordingly.  It is also very hard to get a public parking, so we advise you to park in parking spots closest to your meeting point or office. 

Many businesses in the downtown Cabo San Lucas have been affected by the construction and closed streets, including our office.  But we look forward to the works being finished and having improved the vision of our city center.  We’ll keep you posted with any changes and further developments on this blog.  If you have any questions about the construction in the city center, please leave your comment below.  Thank you!

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