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Cabo Marina Boat Show

Cabo Marina Boat Show


During the 4th of July weekend the boardwalk on the marina came to life with the 3 day event of the Cabo Marine Show featuring exhibitors and yachts for sale.  The fishing vessels were docked on the M dock and ready to board for viewing.  Besides the fishing vessels three larger sport fishing and luxury yachts were available to board.  The online casinos Petrolero, The Gallo and Polly a 105 ft. luxury yacht. Pisces Group were present with their table full of information on real estate, Captain Tony”s restaurant, and boats for sales and lease.

A wedding party of 200 or so from Merida strolled by and gave a show of beautiful girls all dressed in white.  The guys looked good too all decked out in white and colorful shoes and we wondered how the girls would manage in their high heals as the boarded the Eco Cat for their sunset wedding  party.  As they left towards Land”s End a local band “the twins” starting their evening sounds of Jimmy Buffet and some reggae.  Leaving the Exhibitors of boat engines, Cabo Riviera marina, magazines, yacht sales and more tired and ready for home.

Author: Marco Ehrenberg

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